Did you know that residential garage door springs are ideally designed to counterbalance the colossal weight of the garage door? Most homeowners believe that the role of garage door springs is only to assist the garage door to roll up and down. The truth is, if the garage doors are not fitted with the right type of springs, the entire garage door may stop functioning optimally. In order to balance the heavy weight of the garage door, torsion springs work in coordination with the extension springs. It is, therefore, difficult to choose quality springs for your garage door. This blog discusses five important factors that you need to consider when selecting the right springs during garage door repair.

Type of springs

As already discussed, garage doors are comprised of torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are located parallel to the top inside of the garage door. The torsion springs are wound under tremendous torque; allowing for the efficient raising and lowering of the garage door. On the contrary, extension springs are located on both sides of the garage door. These springs stretch as the garage door closes and constricts.

Size of the springs

When you select the right type of garage door springs, you may easily avert a lot of problems while executing the garage door installation. Make sure that you read the manual that comes with the garage door device. Some springs have sizing information marked. For instance, if the garage door spring is marked 225B26, it had the spring wire size 0.225 and the length of the spring is 24 inches. Specialist guidance, however, will ensure that you choose the right garage door springs.

Thickness of the wire

Typically, torsion springs are made of great tensile strength to lift the heavy garage doors. When buying garage door springs, make sure that the thickness of the wire conforms to the adequate size and weight of the garage door.

Cost of the springs

A broken garage door spring is something that needs immediate attention. Usually, only one garage door spring breaks at a time; but for higher durability of the springs, it is advisable to replace both the garage door springs (torsion and extension springs).

Length of the spring

The more the length of the spring; the more is the rolling and lifting capacity. The length of the garage door spring is dependent on the size and weight of the garage door.

Once you consider the the factors mentioned above, you can search for the right garage door service provider. Trusted specialists not only assist in making the correct choice but they also take care of all the safety concerns to make sure that the garage door repair services are carried out safely.

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