Garage door maintenance is something that has to be done regularly in order to keep the door in perfect working order. It helps to have a garage door repair service do annual inspections to stave off any major problems. Other than that a do-it-yourselfer will be able to do basic checks every three months or so or when problems arise to help keep the garage door functioning.

There are 5 basic tips that can be borne in mind when doing maintenance checks. They are outlined below.

1: The first tip is to learn how to install weather seals. This will not only prevent moisture from getting into the garage but it will also help to cut energy costs in the long run. They also help to make the door more secure. The seals are typically installed in between the garage door opener panels, on the frame and at the bottom of the door. Measure the areas the strips are to applied to and cut them to size then apply it using the appropriate adhesive. Always remember to chalk around the door frame seals. If you think it will be too challenging you can always get a garage door service expert to come in and do the job.

2: Always do regular checks on the garage door sensors. Some are more sensitive than others and they have to be working perfectly to prevent unwanted accidents. If they are not working it could be something as simple as them not being properly aligned. A quick check can confirm this. Most sensors will blink when there is a problem. Adjust the sensor until the lights stop blinking. That will be a confirmation that the sensors are back online.

3: The next thing to address with garage door maintenance is the lubrication of the moving parts. The first precaution to heed is that ONLY a silicone spray lubricant for or a lithium spray lubricant is to be used. This spray can be used on the lock, nubs, top of the chain rail, arm bar, stems, metal rollers, hinges and metal rollers. Spray those areas when the door starts to make noise. It should be whisper quiet. If the noise does not stop after the appropriate areas are lubricated, it is time to call in a garage door maintenance service. The areas to avoid spraying are the garage door track, bottom of the chain rail, the chain and the spring.

4: From time to time the garage door may start to close and then open again or it may not fully close. If this occurs then there may be a problem with the garage door opener. It may require a reset. It is pretty easy to do, just remember to shut the power off first for a few seconds before following the manufacturer’s instructions to do the reset. Most require the door to be fully closed before hitting the set button and then open the door and press set again.

5: Last but not least, the do-it-yourselfer  can check the garage door track as a part of the garage door maintenance process. Remember that it is not to be lubricated as that will just attract particles to it and that will cause a problem. If there is an issue it simply needs to be cleaned. If it is sticky a solvent can be used to remove whatever is there. If is not sticky use a damp cloth to wipe the track and then dry it.