Nothing matches the feeling of a garage door that opens automatically. It means that you do not have to step out of your car to open or close the door. At the press of a button, the door opens or closes. To attain this level of efficiency, your door must be fitted with the right type of opener. Here are tips on how to buy a new one:

1 – Power

A garage door opener uses a motor to power the mechanism that slides your door open or shut. Look for a motor with sufficient amount of power. For double garage doors, motors with half-horsepower are ideal. Even with a single garage door, you can still install a large motor. It will last long considering that it only requires a small amount of force to lift the door.

2 – Type

Garage doors are supposed to operate with minimal noise. If you have been experiencing a lot of noise during the opening or closing of the door, this is one thing you should change. Belt-drive systems are strong and highly recommended for heavy garage doors. Steel drive systems work best with threaded steel rods. Choose a door opener that corresponds to your type of door.

3 – Safety

A garage door opener should have a safety feature that prevents the door from crushing any object in its path. This is usually in the form of an electronic beam. Whenever there is a person or an object breaking the beam, the door will be forced to move in the reverse direction. Check for this feature when you go to buy a garage door opener.

4 – Remote control

A remotely controlled garage door opener allows you to gain entry without having to leave your car. This way, you can avoid the rain. It also offers you minimal exposure to security threats. There is a wide range of keypads and remote control gadgets in the market. A remote control keypad that fits into your key chain would be a fine choice. Inquire from your Indianapolis garage door installer.

5 – Security

In most security breaches at people’s homes, burglars gain entry through the garage. Make your garage door tamper-proof by installing an opener that comes with rolling codes. This creates a new code every time you open the door. No one can open it or hack your code afterwards. Look for an opening kit offering a manual release, one that comes in handy especially when power runs out.