garage door maintenance

The garage door is frequently used and thus has to be maintained well to serve you for decades to come. To help you with this, here are some garage door maintenance tips worth knowing and following:

1. On an average, any homeowner moves the garage door up and down about a thousand times a year. This brings with its lots of movement and vibration which can in the long term, loosen the hardware. So examine and using a socket wrench, tighten all the roller brackets and bolts.

2. Greased garage door parts add years of continuous operation to your system, and it takes only 10 minutes a year to lubricate. Spraying lubricant to coat the overhead springs and applying white lithium grease on its chain or screw helps.

3. You need to inspect the garage rollers (either steel or nylon) twice a year and replace them every seven years or so. However if the rollers are worn out, chipped or cracked before that, do replace it as quickly as possible. Do this by removing and reinstalling all roller brackets which are not attached to the cable system.

4. Garage door maintenance also includes replacing its weatherstripping for keeping elements away from your home. Weatherstripping is available by the foot and just has to be cut to size, and inserted into the grooves inside the door.

5. The garage door works on two mechanisms; its photocell and mechanical. Placing a piece of wood or brick on the ground, in the door path helps test its mechanical feature. It’s in good working condition if the door touches the object, and goes back up again in the reverse direction.
To test the photoelectric system with beams on each side, close the garage door and pass your leg in the door’s path. It’s working right if your door goes into reverse. Of course, if your garage door is old and more than two decades old, it may not have this basic safety feature. This means it’s time to buy a new garage door opener.

6. It’s not advisable to tinker with the garage door’s high-tension cables. However you need to check for broken strands and damage near the bottom roller bracket so that you can hire a pro to do the repairs.

7. The best and most important new garage door repair and maintenance tip to follow is to observe the working of your door every time you use it. Notice if it moves smoothly or if it tends to jerk in some places. Or if it makes grinding and scraping noises or does it operate silently.
Another thing to notice is if both sides of the system, which are the springs, pulleys and cables look symmetrical or not. Similarly, the garage door will have to work more if it is not properly balanced.
So disconnect the opener by pulling its release handle and manually move the door halfway up. If you find that it doesn’t stay put, it means that its springs are not balanced. Don’t attempt to adjust it, leave it to professionals.
Use these 7 new garage door maintenance and repair tips to keep your garage door in optimum condition throughout the year.

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