Your garage serves many different purposes some of which includes storage, play and home projects but can also pose many safety and security challenges. This is the reason why through the Door and Access System Manufacturers Association -DASMA, and the International Door Association -IDA, the Overhead Door Corporation, has come up with a list of safety tips to keep everyone and everything safe, secure and protected.

Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

  1. Make sure the door opener’s control button is completely out of reach from small children. It is supposed to be located at a height of 4-5 feet above the ground to reduce the children’s exposure to the many risks a garage door poses.
  2. Children should not play with the garage door remote controls. The hundreds of injuries caused by garage doors each years can be greatly reduced if such a simple safety tip can be followed. Never place your fingers between the door sections, and make sure you explain to the children the dangers that comes with doing so.
  3. Use the owner’s manual to learn how you can use your garage door emergency release feature. It is commonly a red cord and a handle. It is a vital feature that you must learn how to use to help you during emergencies.
  4. Make sure you visually inspect your garage door system every month. Thoroughly check the springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, bolts, hinges and tracks, and any signs of wear and tear. Make sure you also check the door balance whenever you are doing the monthly check up. Do not remove, adjust or repair any parts and everything attached to them. Only a trained garage door expert should make any necessary adjustments to your garage door to avert unsafe situations.
  5. Test the reversing mechanism of your garage door opener every month. You do this by placing a board measuring 2×4 or paper towel rolls in the path of the door. Then close the door to observe its reaction on hitting the board or paper towel rolls. It should reverse on contacting the placed object and if it doesn’t, then you should call a garage door technicians, like the Indianapolis Garage Door Experts, to repair it.
  6. Never leave your garage door partially open under any circumstance. If activated again, the door may travel downwards and hit anything in its path. This can be very dangerous to your and your family members. That is why you must make it a habit not to leave the door partially open. Apart from possibly injuring somebody or destroying something, leaving it partially open will also impact your home security negatively.
  7. Whenever you are on vacation you should unplug the door opener unit. You may also use the vacation lock console security button, which renders the remotes unusable and is usually an optional accessory in most garage door openers.
  8. There is a new trend of home invasion where openers or cars are stolen. Therefore make sure you don’t leave you garage door remote control in your car or with the parking attendants. You should consider using key chain remote control and always keep the entry to your home locked.

    Call garage door experts, like the Indianapolis Garage Door Experts, to service your garage door to avoid exposing yourself to risk. If your door doesn’t have the auto-reverse feature, get a garage door with the feature because it improves safety of your garage door besides making things easier for you.