The purpose of a garage door spring is to balance the weight of the garage and ensure it opens and closes with ease. If your garage door weighs 100 pounds, that means you will need a spring force of at least 100 pounds. Accomplishing the right spring force is done by using the right torsion springs. The torsion springs are what apply torque to the garage door and thus giving it the balance it needs to function properly.

As far as choosing which type of torsion spring is best for your garage, it will all depend on the type of garage door you have. Here are two common options for you to consider.

Standard Torsion Springs

If you have a basic residential garage door, the standard torsion spring is all you need. Residential garage doors opener usually have either one or two springs. During garage door installation the installer will let you know whether your door uses one or two springs. If the door is on the lighter side, one spring will suffice.

If only one spring is needed the torsion spring can be mounted on the anchor bracket which is located in the middle of the shaft. If the spring has an offset mount, the installer will use that instead of mounting it to the anchor bracket. If two springs are needed they will be mounted to the anchor bracket. Having two springs makes the door safer as it will still be able to function if one spring were to break.

EZ-Set Torsion Springs
On the surface EZ-set torsion springs look very similar to standard torsion springs. However, if you look a little closer, you will see that the hardware is quite a bit different. During garage door installation the installer will mount the EZ-set springs to winders. Each winder will have either an “L” or “R” indicating which side of the garage door it should be installed on.

If you have a two car garage chances are it uses two EZ-set springs. Single car garages on the other hand usually only need one spring. Since all garage door brands are created different, its always best to hire a professional to come in and install everything for it. This way you know it will be done right. And if it isn’t, the company who installed it will be responsible for it.

If your torsion springs have already popped and caused damage, you may need to invest in garage door repair panels. Damaged panels can lead to even more damage which ultimately will cost you more money. The sooner you have them repaired, the safer your garage door will be.

As you very well know, replacing springs or having a garage door repaired is not cheap. To save a little money, take the time to look for garage door special offers. You can find these online or in your local newspaper. In some cases you may be able to save up to $100 on repairs. You can also call around to your local garage door installers to see what specials they are currently offering. Many times companies will have specials that they don’t advertise. That’s why its so important you take the time to call.To ensure your door is fully maintained, when you have any garage door issues, it is advisable to contact IndianaPolis garage door experts to deal with any repair. These handymen have garage door Special offers thus making it affordable for one to seek their services every once in a while.

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