Garage is the safe haven of our beloved automobiles and when we want to keep our prized possession safe, investing a bit on its safety and comfort should never be spared. But when you come back to the safe confines of your house, putting your car back into the garage becomes a cumbersome task after a long day. This thought made inventors jog their brain for ideas and they came up with automated garage door openers for us. The advent of garage door opener was by the discovery of electronic units by C.G. Johnson in 1926, in Hartford City, Indiana; but, it was popularized around the same time by two inventors from Washington and Illinois around the same (both unknown to each other) with the invention of automatic wireless garage door openers.

1  Why to choose automated garage door opener

The installations cost for wireless garage door openers is significantly higher than normal electric garage door opener. What needs to be kept in mind is that garage door is one of the heaviest units that is automated and for installing a unit powerful enough to do so will be a little pricey. But the automation of garage door opener provides the ease of driving in and parking your car with ease and having no hassles of opening the door and shutting it by yourself. Newer units even have revised safety features.

2 How do the units function

The common misconception of the motor being used for this purpose is widespread. But, in reality, these garage door opener units use a system of counter balance to function and the garage door cable. A power unit attaches to a track which quickly moves the door up and down. Also, for safety purpose, the door needs to have a quick-release mechanism and a a secondary safety reversing system as per the U.S. Federal Law from 1982 and 1993 respectively. The wall console needs to be mounted 5 feet above the ground to keep it off the hands of children.

3 What is the advantage of an automated garage door opener

a. Ease of use.

b. Lesser maintenance cost compared to other house units.

c. The remote control to open the doors have long battery life and do not need frequent charges.

4 What are the safety features in the automated garage door units

a. The automated garage door openers also have automatic courtesy lights which switch on each time the door opens and shuts off on closing.

b. A remote lockout feature helps to shut down the automatic door from the hand-held remote system during family vacations to prevent theft of your cars.

c. An in-built carbon-monoxide sensor, mostly seen in newer models, has become a popular feature. It opens the garage door automatically when it detects poisonous carbon monoxide fumes inside the garage, making a must have safety feature.
Innovations are inevitable and newer safety features are being added each day to these days. For instance, the newer automated garage door openers have a “fingerprint recognition system” for the doors to open and are used for higher security purposes. The units may be expensive, but as a one-time investment, it is a must have. So, go and buy yourself one right away!

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