Several times a week, in houses all across America, one very simple question is repeated. Did you remember to close the garage door? The usefulness of garage door monitors may never have occurred to you before, but any time you hear this familiar question from now on, you’ll be sure to think about picking one up. Here is some basic information on monitors, how they work, and how they can add a little convenience to your life especially that you now can control garage doors using Smartphone which makes the task of garage door monitoring relatively easier and would definitely save you some valuable time.

Garage door monitors work by means of a sensor that tells you whether your garage door is open or closed. The sensor is very easy to install – sometimes only requiring a strip of Velcro to affix it to the frame of your door.

Despite what you may think, garage door monitors are a relatively inexpensive solution to a very common and somewhat irksome problem. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, there are many garage door monitors that can even control your garage door remotely, opening and closing it with the touch of a button. You can even control garage door using your Smartphone. We mostly use garage door openers from brands like Guardian and Chamberlains Lift master as they are known for reliability and power.

For the gadget-inclined, there are now options to use garage door monitors that come as apps you can download to your smart-phone! The sensor for the garage door is typically placed on the door itself. The only difference being, you can pull the monitor up on your iPhone or Android device at any time, and in most cases even control the door remotely. With the simple click of a button, you can give access to a family member who has become locked out, or close a door accidentally left open even if you are hundreds of miles away. Even if you only use garage door monitors occasionally, the first time they prove handy in a pinch, you’ll be thrilled you made this small investment. Being able to control garage door using Smartphone is in itself a technological revolution because it simplifies your life to a great extent and helps you save precious time.

If you are interested in installing garage door monitors on your doors, you should decide what level of access you would like to have (either simple monitoring, or full remote control of your doors). From there, you can comparison shop, and choose the best device for your needs. There are many helpful reviews online for garage door monitors of all levels. Once you have selected the best device for you, having a monitor is only a matter of a local purchase and a simple installation.

The next time you wonder, Did I leave the garage door open again? you’ll be pleased you took the time to invest in garage door monitors for your home especially if it comes with a Smartphone app which provides you with a timely and accurate data about the status of your garage door without having to move.

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