Choosing a garage door opener can be sometimes challenging, considering that there are many choices available. Garage door represents one large piece of a house. Selecting the correct opener to replace your old one or for the purpose of a garage door repair installation is never that easy. Given that the type of garage door size you go for will determine the outlook of your whole house.

garage door opener

Tips to consider to choose garage door opener size

When choosing a garage door opener, you should think about several tips, these tips comprise of practical and aesthetic. All this assist a buyer to acquire the correct choice that suits his home needs. Here are the tips:

  1. Choose garage door type-custom door, semi-custom or stock

Stock doors feature a pre-fabricated units that need to be installed. The basic example of such doors include paneled aluminum garage door that fits a standard door cavity of a house. The hardware of such doors are predetermined, hence the whole assembly is comes as a whole when you install. This kind of doors are the cheapest, plain and require little features.

  1. Measure the door size and cavity size

Some of the styles doors may not match with the cavity designed for the garage door. Such cases require an addition modification to the house which adds to the cost of installation .It is thus good to plan a head to avoid such costly mistake that may arise during installation. As a buyer you should thus measure the door size and hardware or the structure the door will go into.

  1. Garage door opener mechanism 

Many of the garage door opener brands utilize the chain drive mechanism, but some other models use screw drive and belt drive mechanism. Chain drive are least expensive and use metal chain to open and close your doors. The screw drives run along a steel rod to operate the door and it provides a silence operation while the belt drive operation features a flexible rubber belt technique to raise and lower the door.

  1. When selecting garage door opener size, consider the power of the motor, security and noise.

Power garage doors are ones that use electric motors, with the power electric door openers, a single door can be opened with just a 1/4HP motor. Perhaps you will prefer a quieter opener, you do not want to be disturbed at night while sleeping. You should also look for safety features like a safety closing technique which stops and reverses a closing door when it collides with something.

  1. Lights 

Consider a garage door opener size that provides light. Many openers have built in lights that light up when the opener is activated. Thus, you will never come out of your vehicle in a dark garage.

  1. Remote control 

Go for a garage door remote control technology that uses rolling codes which change regularly, hence your remote control is the only one which can open the garage door.

Other wonderful features you should also consider include warranty and key-less entry pad that require you to simply enter the correct code and the door gets opened. Get the best garage door opener brands here.