Garage door springs, just like every other component of a home, are susceptible to various problems which require inspections and repairs from time to time. Some of these issues may be successfully and conveniently carried out by the home owner. Quite a number though, are too risky and complicated to the average home owner. They are therefore ideally carried out by qualified technicians or by a competent garage door spring repair company.

The following discussion endeavors to identify and explain the top 4 garage door spring issues you should not fix yourself with the aim of enlightening the home owners of the dangers of attempting to rectify such issues on their own and the significance of approaching only qualified companies or technicians:

Loose Tension Springs
Tension springs do counterbalance the weights of the garage doors and by so doing ensure their uniform opening and closing besides avoiding injuries to the persons carrying out the tasks of opening or closing them. They may get loose as a result of corrosion, external damages, or due to wear and tear. When this happens, the garage doors open irregularly and may also injure people.

Broken Torsion Springs
Torsion springs do get broken mainly due to the reason of wear and tear or deliberate damages as a result of negligence or acts of burglary. A broken torsion spring results into uneven garage doors, jammed pathways, and difficulty in opening and closing. When this happens, only a complete overhaul can effectively remedy the situation.

Faulty Torsion Spring Cable
Torsion springs can, by reasons of wear and tear, negligence, corrosion, and lack of repairs and maintenance become faulty so much so that they are no longer capable of discharging their functions. This calls for their replacements or repairs.

Faulty Adjustments
Springs do become loose after being used over a long period of time continually. They thus have to be adjusted. Adjustments refer to the mechanism by which the tautness of a spring is determined. Adjustments basically enable a spring to be pulled tight or stretched back and forth. Only the torsion springs may be adjusted. The adjustments too may become faulty due to wear and tear or recklessness on the part of the home owner. This calls for their complete replacement or repairs.

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