Believe it or not, weather seals around the garage door play a significant role in protecting your garage space from the fluctuations of nature. Additionally, a garage door is also one of the best ways for bugs and other flying insects to gain entrance into the house. Weather seal is a barrier that keeps the heat and cold out as well as the critters. The primary feature of the garage door is to make sure that there no gaps between the garage door, floor and door jamb. Sealing off these gaps can bring a lot of benefits. Some of these include:

Reduces Energy Costs

The weather seal, as the name suggests is for protecting your garage space from extreme weather conditions. In order to avoid unwanted cold and hot air out, it is important to ensure that the weather seals are in top-notch condition. A perfect seal ensures that you can save immensely on the energy bills.

Protection against Rodents and Bugs

The space in a garage door may be small, but bugs are good at getting through small spaces. Wasps may also consider your garage space as the best place to build a nest. Once you maintain the garage door weather seals, it can prevent bugs, pests and other unwanted rodents and animals. A good weather seal also prevents the accumulation of rust and algae.

Proper Closure

The bottom weather seal of the garage door prevents the garage door against concrete. At times the floor is not perfectly flat, thus a bottom seal ensures proper closure. The bottom seals of the garage door come in different shapes and sizes. In fact the bottom seals cushion your garage door when it comes down hard.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Existing Weather Seal?

Depending on the particular climatic condition of your area and the type of use your garage door gets, the lifespan of the garage door weather seal may vary. If the usage of the garage door is not much and the use of the seal is relatively consistent, the garage door weather seal lasts for about 2 years. If your garage door seal is rigid or breaking apart when you touch it, it may be a clear indication that the garage door weather seal needs replacement.
If you are unable to decide on the perfect weather seal for your garage door, it is always better to seek the assistance of specialists.

Last Few Words

One of the most neglected yet a crucial part of the garage door is the weather seal. Indianapolis Garage Door Experts have a team of knowledgeable and trained professionals who are capable of maintaining the weather seals of your garage door. If you’ve been searching for perfect garage door weather seals, our professionals can also assist you in choosing one that caters to your specific requirements and taste. Be it garage door repair, replacement, installation or maintenance, our service professionals are capable of executing all the services with ease.