Last week, you got your new friend at work home, but the first thing he saw at your place turned him off. Yes, we are talking about your garage door! If this has happened to you anytime in life or recently, don’t you think you must give the concept of garage door repair’, a serious thought! If your garage happens to be in such a shabby condition that it reduces the elegant appeal of your home, or it creates too much noise which steals away your peace-of-mind, or it is less in quality and looks than your neighbor’s, you are in dire need of a garage door. Not to hurt your pocket, you can explore an array of options and choose the best garage door that lives up to things you look for!

Before doing anything around buying a new garage door or settling upon a garage door repair, you should know the basic parts of the door.

If looked with a broader perspective, the layout of almost all the garages is similar, at least the components are. To get the correct garage door repair done, get to know about the parts of a garage door:

Torsion Tube – It is a quintessential part, which extends the whole length of the garage door and rolls on bearings. It specifically allows the door to open and close.

Drum – Positioned at each end of the torsion tube, the drum has a cable wound around it. It helps to lift the bottom of the door and keep the rollers on track.

Spring – The actual lifter of the door! Springs help to roll the garage door all the way up when it is pushed. They are massive and under high tension. They are the most intrinsic part of the functioning of the garage door opener.

Center Stability Plate – This would possibly be the last part that will be worked upon, when the door is under maintenance process or repair. The center stability plate is mostly fitted to the inside edge of the springs and connected to a bracket. It happens to tie the interior of both springs together.

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