Technology has made life easier for us in many ways. Today you can open your garage door without having to get out of your vehicle. A garage door opener has become a must have device for every home with a garage door. Installing one can be very costly or reasonably affordable depending on how informed you are on what affects their price factor. You might be eager to learn how much does it cost to install or replace a garage door opener in Indianapolis. Here is a simple guide that will give you a better perspective when shopping for an opener that meets your budget.

Different types of Garage Door Openers

Price margins depend on the type of garage door opener you select. Consider all properties and features before deciding on which garage door offer to go for. It will be a shame if you save some money by going for the cheapest option that does not meet your expectations.

Chain-driven Openers: If you have a tight budget, this might be what you are looking for. They operate on chains to hoist and lower the garage doors. Unfortunately, they produce hell of a noise making them unsuitable for garages which host a work space. Despite this shortcomings they are the least costly option to go for.

Screw-driven Openers: What makes them suitable is the low amount of maintenance required. Their prices are moderately costly. When the motor starts spinning, the screw follows with a turn pulling open the door.

Belt-driven openers: Belt openers are highly preferred in residential areas. This is because the noise produced is very minimal. They have a strong similarity to the chain driven openers. They raise up the doors. Belt systems are more expensive than their chain counterparts.

Other Factors Affecting Cost of Door Openers

Technology: The more sophisticated the garage door opener the more it costs.

Electrical wiring: If the location where your door opener will be placed does not have a readily available electricity outlet, it will cost extra for an electrician to pull it to where it’s required.

Installation of Garage Door Openers: Why Hire A Pro?

garage door opener repair is quite complicated. It takes a while as it requires someone with a proficiency in carpentry and familiar with electrical wiring. If you feel confident enough to do the entire process, then go ahead and save some money.


However, if you do not know how to go about, it’s highly recommended to employ the Indianapolis Garage door experts to do it for you. Improper handling of the cables, springs and tracks can cause fatal injury in case of accident; especially garage door spring repair. If they can get the job done properly without any risk of injury, why not go for them? Let’s not forget that the garage door repair professionals have insurance cover for any work related injury.

Spare Parts

The professionals have all the required materials and tools for carrying out the work. If you do the garage door installation alone you will have to purchase tools and other required spare parts some of which will not be completely used. The whole process might be costlier in the long run.

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