Many people think about replacing windows and doors when carrying out remodeling in their homes, but few remember garage door replacement and its significance. While replacement of windows and doors may be necessary and even beneficial to reducing utility bills and increasing home value, a garage door opener has a greater impact on both factors.

More often than not, having an old garage door will bring down the appeal of your home, even more so when it is dented, rotten, broken down or in a bad shape. These may not seem important to you if you’re not planning to sell your home, but nothing is further from the truth.

Garage doors in bad shape are a huge contributor to increased utility bills and they may make your home look abandoned to passersby and even guests. Now there’s a reason to change your mind, right?

If you’re looking for new garage door ideas to implement on your home, visit Indianapolis Garage Door Experts for the widest selection of doors of different materials and designs. We also provide custom services if nothing we have pleases you, or you have a non-conventional garage door size.

garage door drum replacement

Cost implications

How much you spend on garage door drum replacement will depend on the types and material for the door you want, but a good estimate is anything between $700 and $5,000. However, just that change can help you raise your home resale value by 1-4%, i.e. $4,000-16,000 on a $400,000 home. How many other single remodeling projects can provide such an effect?

Wood vs. steel

You should choose a garage door material that gels with the exterior of your house. Wooden old-school carriage house style doors are very popular in Indianapolis, and you can find them with us. They are also available in steel, which offers better security with the same loved style. There are also panel doors, different style of decorative windows, sectioned doors among many others.

Budget savvy

You should choose a garage door that works well into your budget. Save up for the project for some time, since it has a great ROI. This will ensure that you reap maximum benefit from your change.

It may seem like we’re making a fuss out of nothing, but you just put a new garage door to your home and see how much difference it makes on the bills and on the eyes!