Saving energy is now big in all areas of the world; we’re all trying to reduce our carbon footprint, become more efficient, mitigate the environmental effects of our actions and make great savings in the process. Do not forget your attached garage’s door in this effort.

As your experts in all things related to garage doors, at Indianapolis Garage Door Experts, we know just what difference an uninsulated garage door can make to the utility bills of a household. If you’ve done everything else but still see no significant change, it’s time to take a long hard look at your garage door.

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Why insulate the garage door?

Given the frequency of opening and closing of your garage door opener, temperature fluctuations are more pronounced in the garage than anywhere else in the home. You may have already proofed every other place in the garage but forgotten the door, the most prominent part.

Heat and cold transmitted through the garage door, which is about 30% of your home’s exterior is bound to spread to other parts of the house. Insulating the garage door will regulate this loss/gain and stabilize temperatures in the home, same as insulating your front door.

Insulating your garage door can keep an unheated garage warmer by 10-20 degrees in the winter, which of course will have a warming effect on adjoining rooms and those above the garage space.

Types of insulation

At Indianapolis Garage Door Experts, we have two types of insulated garage doors: polyurethane and expanded polystyrene doors. You can tell how good the insulation is and hence energy efficiency by examining the R-values or U-factors of the doors. More energy efficient doors will have lower U-factors and higher R-values. Both kinds of doors are durable and strong.

You can also opt for fiberglass doors as they provide a better substitute for wooden doors, which do not hold well amidst drastic temperature changes. Having a polyurethane foam core will increase the insulation for a wooden door five times, giving all-year-round comfort. The advantage of fiberglass is that it is resistant to moisture and is low in maintenance. You can bid rotting, peeling, warping, shrinking and cracking garage doors a farewell.

Come to our store and check out our wide selection of fiberglass doors. We have wood graining and staining in grains like Oak, Cherry and Mahogany, which give the real look of wood. It’s hard to tell they’re not real even from up close as the texture is made that realistic.

Now you have all the reason to make that change!