The process of hiring a garage door company should be handled in the same way as going for a job interview. As a client, you have the right to ask the following seven questions:

1. Is the company licensed?

Every contractor is supposed to have a license. This is an important question to ask. It tells you that you are dealing with someone who is keen on maintaining their reputation. Once you get the license number, cross-check it thoroughly.

2. How is your experience in the industry like?

Normally, when you visit or call garage door repair firms, you expect a front office staff to take your call. It will then be routed to a salesman. Apparently, this is not the same person who will do the actual installation work. Nevertheless, ask the salesperson about how long their employer has been in this business.

3. Do you provide estimates?

Every Indianapolis,  contractor should provide you with cost estimates for the installation or repair of your garage doors. There are some technicians who will coerce you into letting them do your work. They sweet-talk but later overcharge you. Avoid falling into such schemes. Ask for a cost estimate inquiring how much the contractor would charge if you hire them.

4. Does your work come with a warranty?

A warranty allows you to enjoy free servicing of you garage door. At certain intervals, technicians from Indianapolis Garage Door Experts will visit your home to check your garage door. They will also repair any broken parts at no cost. Confirm whether your prospective company offers this package.

5. What do other clients say about you?

In business, a good reputation is as important as the goods or services offered. A reputable company will not be afraid to give you references. Ask for them and check them out. Find out what other people feel about the garage door company.

6. Are you available on short notice?

You cannot predict when your garage door will get damaged. One morning you wake up and the door doesn’t budge. An efficient garage door installer should be able to respond to emergency calls quickly.

7. Do you serve my area?

After a careful search, you identify a company whose service and reputation you like. It is when you have signed the contract that you realize the company does not have a presence in your area. This leads to additional costs. Always inquire about this.