Are you a garage door owner? Well, how many of you know that burglars can have easy access to your house through a garage door? As hackers always try new way to attack your network, similarly burglars also try innovate tricks to break into your house through your garage door. The following message will definitely take you by surprise.

Do you know that thief can open up your garage door in six seconds? You must be reading it with sheer disbelief, but this is actually not impossible. This news has gone viral through Internet reporting. Burglars use a coat hanger and a small block of wood to unlock your garage door.

In order to gain access to your house, thieves hook a piece of wire or thread a coat hanger through the top of the door. After hooking the tool, they pull the emergency latch. Subsequently, they can easily hitch up the door and break in your house. Well, in order to prevent this and many other alarming situations, contact Indianapolis Garage Door Experts. We have solution to all the tricks executed by burglars. Our experts are also excellent at offering garage door repair.

However, for your peace of mind, we have listed tips on how to prevent burglar’s entry into your garage door. They are simple to follow and don’t take more than a few minutes.

  • You can disable the emergency release lever. This is the best method to discourage a burglar from using a coat hanger to enter your house. Of course, it is also apparent that you also won’t be able to get inside this way.
  • Eradicate the cord. The cord, which is fastened to the lever, offers minor convenience when you are in a way to trip the lever. However, it is also comparatively easy to take over the cord from outside by using a coat hanger.
  • Lock the Release Lever. In garage door openers, you can use a thin wire to tie the level, which is attached to the carriage assembly. The level includes a hole in it and there are a few carriage assemblies that too have holes. You can insert a wire through. If the hole is missing, you can drill a hole yourself. The idea behind this is to prevent a coat hanger to get the lever down.

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